Arbitrary Arrests Continue in Al-Hasa
Rasid - 13 / 8 / 2009 - 10:15 am
Sayed Mohammad Al-Ali
Sayed Mohammad Al-Ali

Saudi Authorities arrested on Wednesday a Shia man for taking part in religious activities during Ashura on last January.

Locals told Rasid that Intelligence forces arrested Sayed Mohammad Al-Ali (23 years) from Al-Rumaila village in Al-Hasa.

Saudi Authorities had earlier arrested three of the detainee brothers for the same reasons.

The detainee was sent to Al-Hasa General prison where he was told that a one week sentence was issued from Al-Hasa Governor, Bader Bin Jalawi.

Arbitrary Arrests campaign was renewed and so far had 20 persons arrested.

Bader Hussain Al-Harbi was released on last Wednesday after serving a sentence of 4 weeks for taking part in grieving march during Ashura day, tenth day of the first month in Islamic calendar.

Al-Hasa is facing sectarian harassment and arbitrary detentions against Shia citizens for the past five years where tens of mosques, worship houses and religious schools were closed amid a silent official media human rights committees.

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17 / 8 / 2009 - 6:48 am
Why does it happen.why dont many news agencies mention this?
just i found it anf in Alalam tv website.
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