Shia Businessman arrested on a sectarian backgrounds
Rasid - 12 / 3 / 2010 - 4:26 pm
Shia worshippers commemorate Ashura
Shia worshippers commemorate Ashura

Saudi authorities detained a prominent business man and social activist in Al-Hassa as attendees in a religious festival used the side walks around a worship house that is under his custody.

Sources informed Rasid that Sauid authorities detained the business man Hajji Abdulrasool Al-A'mer as attendees in the over crowdedAl-Ja'farya Husainya were forced to use the sidewalks around it during a religious lecture in Ashura.

The incident dates back to December end of last year when thousands of Saudi Shia commemorate the tragic battle of Ashura.

Saudi authorities forced a stringent ban on all sorts of festival that Saudi Shia commemorate around the year.

It is customarily that worship houses (Hussainya) are full with hundreds of worshippers which force that late comers to use the sidewalks and alleys around the worship house.

This is Al-A'mer's second arrest since his last in 2004 for similar charges.

Al-A'mer is well known for his care and attention to many worship houses and mosques in Al-Hassa which makes him a target for frequent arrests.


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