Saudi cleric Al-Nasser under home siege
Rasid - 9 / 11 / 2010 - 11:32 pm
Sayed Mohammad Al-Nasser
Sayed Mohammad Al-Nasser

Sayed Mohammad Al-Nasser, Jumaa Imam in Khobar city, was prevented by Saudi authorities from leading Friday prayers and was put under house siege.

For the last few months, Saudi authorities have closed around 34 mosques that belong to the Shiite minority, mostly in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Provocatively, Saudi authorities have also waged series of arrests against the homeowners who opened their homes for prayers.

A number of security patrols put a siege around Al-Nasser's house and was lifted aftr completion of prayers time.

Hajj Lectures Banned

Sources informed Rasid News Network that Saudi authorities have prevented the Shiites in Al-Khobar city from establishing lecture lessons for new pilgrims, who will be heading to Mecca in the few coming days, which were sponsored by Almurtaja Hajj Group.

The criminal investigation center based in Al-Khobar city has called on the directors of the group as well as the owners of the homes where lectures were convened to be held for further investigations.

In related context, a group of prominent Shiites from Al-Khobar city have recently met with the governor of the eastern province of Saudi Arabia Prince Muhammad bin Fahd to discuss the recent issues related to the closed Shiite’s mosques. Prince Muhammad bin Fahd promised to form a committee to look in to this problem.

In addition, according to some sources, a delegation of prominent figures has filed a complaint against the director of the criminal investigation of Al-Khobar city, for his aggression against Shiites in Al-Khobar city.

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[ Iraq - Rome ]: 19 / 11 / 2010 - 9:37 am
So where the citizens freedom is in Saudi Arabia? Because the Shiite group is the minority beside Ismaeilies, authorities do not respect their beliefs, rights and opinions. Where King Abdullah is from what happens in the Eastern Province? He assumes that he will fight discrimination and treat all citizens equivalent. Since there are Wahhabi members in Saudi Arabia, minorities rights will practice their believes freely. And Shiite will keep fighting oppression forever.
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