Shia Youngster in Jail for over Two Years without Trial
Rasid - 1 / 3 / 2011 - 8:05 pm
Mahdi Hassan Ali Al-Huraifi (25 years)
Mahdi Hassan Ali Al-Huraifi (25 years)

Intelligence Information leaks reported that a young shia citizen is being detained for over two years without trial or allowance for appointing a lawyer.

Sources informed Rasid that Mahdi Hassan Ali Al-Huraifi (25 years) was arrested from his house on February 2009 from his parents house in Khuwaildya village and was taken to unknown place.

Sources said that his family did not announce his detention on the account for his safety. They did not know his detention place for more than six months.

His family knew his detention place after persistent searches. Their son was detained in Eastern Province General Intelligence Administration prison.

His family knew that their son was subjected to harsh treatment and torture and was hospitalized several times due to seizures.

His family was allowed for occasional visits, yet they do not know the reason behind his detention.

The single high school youngster was deprived from his right for trial and appointing an attorney.

Human rights activists were shocked when they knew about his case and his family suffering.

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