Bahrain: killing people and destructing the country
Yaser Mohammad * - 20 / 4 / 2011 - 5:07 pm

The situation in Bahrain is moving toward abstruse end leading Bahrain to destruction; both democratically and geography. This happened after intended destruction across the public facilities¡ places of worship¡ and the random arrests of the citizens.

The situation in Bahrain has been influenced by the sectarian tools leading Bahrain to unknown and dark future. Due to this influence¡ expectations were exceeded via excessive damage of nation components and culture. In line with the collective revenge method in killing of people whether they are national¡ social¡ religion¡ or cultural symbols in spite of being male or female. This remind us of what is happening in Palestine where religious war is still going on which shows¡ very clearly¡ a scheme similar to a Zionist who chose Bahrain as his ground to start suppression of reform claims in the Arab world and the Gulf in particular.

Unbelievably¡ the suppression works exceeded citizen to reach even what is considered as a symbol and a history shown in the currencies of Bahrain. This was seen clearly during the removal of monument roundabout¡ ALloa'loa'h¡ which represent an international symbol of Bahrain as a witness of its civilization!

Shall whatever referring to peaceful claims be considered as offensive? and shall it be settled down?

The situation becomes worse by using the collective punishment as a method to harm all the Bahraini people who ask for a reform. This was elaborated through rising the rate of unemployment via unfair dismissal for hundreds of citizens who are already poor¡ enforcing them to be starving and finally sentenced them to death. In fact¡ whoever visits Bahrain will notice a lot of citizens working as car washers just to gain living and prevent themselves from begging.

Usually¡ the political leaderships in any country feel proud about their national competencies¡ scientific progress¡ decline rate of illiteracy¡ and poverty. Whoever in Bahrain it's reverse in which there are a lot of cases of unfair dismissal from universities and schools in addition to punishing doctors if them or one of their families collaborate or thought to be collaborating within the marches witnessed in the country.

The official and the paid media with few channels belonging to Arab countries were trying to convince us that the peaceful movement in Bahrain is sectarian one. They claim to have a sectarian logos and pictures without provide us any evidence of that type neither as pictures nor as logos. On the other hand we find that the Bahraini media is the one representing the most sectarian role. This was presented as follow:

• They destroy worship and religious places as Alsahaba and the scholars' shrines. i. e. They destroy the shrine and the dome of Sheikh Abdul Amir - Al - Jamri.

• They wrote provocative slogans on the walls.

• They attacked homes and expose privacy.

• They removed all religious paintings.

All these show very clearly how much a colonial people they are. They come under the cover of sectarian trying to eliminate Islam or whatever makes young people getting close to Islam even if it is scholars¡ chanters¡ or even the places of their activities.

Bahrain is moving toward hell that cannot be forgotten in days or even years¡ which also means permanent crisis in the lack of stability and trust between the leadership and the citizens even if they try to used power¡ thinking that it is the correct way to control people.

The only solution to save what remains of that country as the first stage is to free all the prisoners who call for reform in addition to relies the usage of power that damage more than 85% of population who have the honorable history. Then start with radical reforms to give the Bahraini people their correct position in the Gulf nation at least.

We call all writers¡ humanitarian organization¡ and the political figures in all states to oversee what is going in Bahrain to help to deliver the peaceful message rise from Bahraini people to their leadership¡ supported with documented figures hidden from media in order to communicate with the Bahraini government and to stop the continued bleeding and the arresting of the people to unknown locations.

God bless the martyrs¡ repatriate the missing¡ and make the Patients well.

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