17 years old Saudi Arabian was arrested in Bahrain Just because he is Shia
Rasid - « Shia Rights Watch » - 19 / 10 / 2011 - 11:19 am
Ali al Shamimy
Ali al Shamimy

Months have passed since beginning of the Arab Spring and Bahrain still remains the only country that Human Rights issues have minimal representations. People of Bahrain remain under pressure and this sectarian issue escalades to higher levels of inhuman activities and hate against the Shia in monarchy of Bahrain. Parents of Ali Shamimy report their son, a 17 year old young adult, lost while he had traveled to Bahrain from Saudi Arabia to visit few of the relatives in Bahrain. Later in that same day, Shamimy’s relatives contact Ali’s parents in Saudi Arabia, and mentions that Ali was forcefully taken from the door steps of where he was visiting his relatives on the 17th of October , at approximately 5 pm. Shamimy family members seek freedom of their son from Bahraini prisons while he is a Saudi Arabia residence.

Shamimy family has exhausted all the options in the Saudi Arabia, and has even been rejected by the Saudi embassy in Bahrain without any explanation or even investigation of the issue only because the family comes from Al Awamia- Qatif province of Saudi Arabia, which is mainly a Shia populated province.

Ali Shamimy’s relatives have tried to reach out to the police authorities and no updates have been given as to what his status is. Later that week an anonymous source who declared to be Ali’s prison mate told the family that their son Ali has been under endless amount of torture and assault, until he was moved to Bahrain’s political prison after spending a couple days in the local Police Station. Ali’s inmate told his family, “At the beginning of his arrival, Ali was pushed and forced on the ground and while one of his boots was on Ali’s face and the officer had forcefully hit Ali multiple times and called him names.”

Unfortunately, no humanitarian organization has yet been able to reach the Saudi Arabia or even Bahraini authorities, and Shamimy family among thousands of other families hope that more spot light is shed on similar inhumane issues, and the monarchy of Bahrain is forced to accept their mistakes! Shia Rights Watch, and other humanitarian organizations are taking every possible action to get some results or news updated about Ali Shamimy and thousands of other innocent prisoners, and their effort will not stop until there has been changes or results.

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