Saudi security forces kill 19-year old Qatif native
Rasid - 21 / 11 / 2011 - 3:16 pm
Naser al-Muheshi
Naser al-Muheshi

Second shooting incident in 24 hours

A 19-year old Saudi citizen was shot dead on Sunday night by police fire at a security checkpoint in Qatif.

Witnesses told Rasid they saw Naser al-Muheshi, 19, laying still on the ground near a checkpoint at Riyadh Street after police opened fire. It was initially not known if al-Muheshi’s shooting was fatal, but sources indicated later that he was clinically dead when his body was brought to the hospital. Witnesses said the victim stayed on the ground near the checkpoint for a long time until an ambulance arrived. No details have been made available about the reasons for the police actions. After the incident, many police vehicles were seen in the area and several surrounding streets have been closed.

Youngster injured in Awamiya

The last incident came 24 hours after a strikingly similar shooting of a young man by the police forces in Awamiya on Saturday afternoon.

Residents said that a vehicle belonging to Awamiya Police Station opened fire at a 20-year old Mohammed al-Banawi, which resulted in a severe injury in his shoulder. Al-Banawi was treated at Dhahran Military Hospital and is now in stable condition. Tension in Qatif province has been increasing steadily after the October clashes between Awamiya residents and the security forces. The events, during which 14 people, mostly members of the security forces, were injured, have been blamed by the Ministry of Interior on “incitement by foreign parties.” Residents reported that after the October events police forces have routinely opened fire on the locals, especially around checkpoints at Qatif access points. Escalated tensions also resulted in five young men getting injured in the middle of October. The authorities provided no explanation for the incident. Protests in Qatif flared up early this year when residents at several rallies demanded the release of political detainees held without a trial for several years, as well as political reform in the Kingdom.

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Human rights
21 / 11 / 2011 - 10:30 pm
Sometimes we need a spark for a fire...
And we need some innocent killed or humiliated to start a revolution...
The poured blood on our sacred land Qatif will not be wasted easily... On the contrary, we will save our dignity by dealing properly with this horrible government!
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